Bat Sleeve Dresses

Bat Sleeve Dresses

Bat Sleeve Dresses


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A dress with a bat outline came into fashion in the 40s of the twentieth century. And it immediately became popular among supermodels. It could be sewn by every woman who could find a piece of any material, be it cotton, Dacron, staple, wool, crepe de chine, or silk. A fashionable dress of any length could be sewn as a bat sleeve dress. It can be sewn on your own simply and quickly. The simplicity of cut and tailoring makes it affordable for any modern lover of fashionable dresses.



Basic Pattern of a Sleeve “bat”


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In the 80s, the dress returned to fashion, finalized by designers. The “bat” sleeve has been appearing all these years not only in dresses but also in tunics and blouses. A pattern is a design drawn on paper. Many actresses and singers are happy to wear clothes of such a cut. These dresses are universal, they suit beauties of different ages and complexions.

Photos of dresses with a similar cut can be misleading that we have a very difficult thing to make. But if you have at least a little experience, there is nothing complicated about this.

You need to take the material for the bat sleeve dress “bat” at least 140 cm wide, fold it in half, and then in length, with the wrong side up, to get 4 layers. The back and front are cut out one pattern. The only difference is the neckline.

If the width is less, then you need to take 2 lengths of material, multiplied by 2, by its measure of length. It is necessary to lay the pieces of matter inside out. Then lay the backrest pattern at one end of the material and pin it well with pins so that the entire structure does not move apart. And from the other end put a pattern in front. In this case, the middle of the front and back will grind. Chip along the folds, as well as the back. Now we need to designate the sleeve of the desired length and width.


Recommendations for Sewing Dresses for Full


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These bat sleeve dresses successfully change the outline of beautiful girls with magnificent forms. If the legs are slim, then the length of the dress is allowed above the knee. The dress looks very good on chubby ones, highlighting the chest and hiding the volumes in the thighs and abdomen.


The Summer Version of the Bat Sleeve Dress Pattern


orange bat sleeve dress girl

For the summer version, you can take light, airy material. For example, silk, light satin, stretch, or summer clothing. The length of the dress can be any: for young and slim shorter, for respectable ladies – to the knee, just below the knee or to the ankle. Girls and women of short height should wear high-heeled shoes since these dresses slightly reduce height.

Now again bat sleeve dresses with a bat outline at the height of fashion. And just as in the 80s of the last century, women are happy to fill their wardrobe with them. Such clothes are comfortable, and therefore can be a great option for work, home, leisure and even going out.


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