Polarized 3D Theatre Glasses for Video Game, TV & Movie

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This glass for viewing 3D Movies, print, magazines, comic books, Anaglyph 3D photos on the internet and publications.

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(1)Made of durable plastic, these 3D glasses are set to become your go-to pair when you want to bring your movies to 3-dimensional life
(2)Durable plastic frame ensures that your can reuse your glasses time and again
(3)Polarized lens design eliminates the red / blue look for a more chic and classy style
(4)Polarized lenses produce a clearer, higher image quality than the red / blue design
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1/3/5/10 x 3D Glasses

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4 reviews for Polarized 3D Theatre Glasses for Video Game, TV & Movie

  1. Tennessee Hawk

    I bought for my new LG 4k OLED 3D TV. Ok to buy if you just need to save money and want something better then movie theater glasses.

  2. obisan

    I think I like these better than the ones that came with my LG TV. Very comfortable even over regular eyeglasses. The frames are quite sturdy for kid use. Just keep a microfiber towel around for easy lens cleaning. With this four pack, and the two that came with the TV, there is plenty for everyone to have a pair and enjoy some 3D TV.

  3. Cesar S.

    These glasses, while not manufactured by a big name company (something made apparent by the artwork on the box) are still top quality and shouldn’t be passed on

  4. Kyle DeRee

    The price is right, and the glasses do the job

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