UNIC UC26 Mini Micro LCD LED Home Theater Projector

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Meticulously carved minimalist art, nice design, small and lightweight

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(1)Ultra small volume: simple design, small appearance
(2)Short focus design: 60cm distance can be imaging, projection size can be cast to 100 inches.
(3)T200 transmission screen: brightness enhancement, smaller volume
(4)Built in speakers: you can view or play games without external speakers.
(5)Focusing dial wheel: support image definition adjustment, roller diagonal, and suggest convenient.
(6)Cooling fan: efficient heat dissipation wind design, ensure 24 hours uninterrupted stable work.
(7)Touch key: body touch button to help you control the projector easily.
*No blue light, no eye injury, easy to enjoy family entertainment.
*A wonderful gift for your child.
*Suitable for both home or outdoors.

Note: The shape and model of the current version has been modified, but we guarantee that the functions is the same as shown in the descriptions and pictures.  

2 reviews for UNIC UC26 Mini Micro LCD LED Home Theater Projector

  1. diane a.

    Really blew me away. I was expecting just a dinky little projector for my kids to use in their room but man, I think I might have to reclaim this as my own!

  2. Colin

    Awesome product for traveling on business. I love the flexibility on the angles & distances I can display my presentations. Pretty solid speakers & brightness for such small projector

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